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Oil to Gas Conversion in Long Island

When it comes to converting your heating from oil to gas, there are numerous ways it can benefit your property and your budget. Natural gas reduces significantly less carbon emissions, creating a healthier environment for everyone. Gas is the more efficient option; it uses less energy which in turn lowers your monthly bill. The general maintenance and price for repairs for gas equipment is less costly than oil as well. 

Along with gas conversion, comes comfort in knowing your gas supply won’t be disrupted by inclement weather and you don’t need to worry about oil running out! It’s for all of these reasons that gas conversion is a great way to provide a safer, cleaner space for those you love while adding value to your home.

Gas conversion is one of the many services we are happy to provide at Seaford Avenue Corp. and our expertly trained, highly-skilled technicians are ready to assist you!

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Oil to Gas Conversion Services in Long Island

Oil to gas conversion services are typically provided by professional HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) contractors, plumbing contractor or heating service companies. These service providers specialize in assisting with the transition from oil-based heating systems to natural gas. Here’s an overview of the services company typically offer:

  1. Initial Assessment: Contractors will evaluate your existing heating system and assess the feasibility of converting it to natural gas. They will consider factors such as the condition of your current equipment, the availability of natural gas in your area, and any necessary modifications or upgrades that may be required.
  2. Consultation and Planning: Based on the assessment, the contractor will provide recommendations and options for the conversion process. They will discuss the benefits of natural gas, potential cost savings, and equipment options suitable for your specific needs. They will help you understand the scope of the project, including the timeline and associated costs.
  3. Gas Line Installation Long Island: If your building does not have a natural gas supply, the contractor will coordinate with the local gas utility to install the necessary gas lines from the street to your property. They will ensure proper sizing, pressure regulation, and connection of the gas lines.
  4. Equipment Selection and Installation: The contractor will help you select new heating equipment compatible with natural gas. They will consider factors such as the heating load requirements, energy efficiency ratings, and budget. Once the equipment is chosen, they will handle the installation, including removing the existing oil-fired equipment and integrating the new gas-fired boiler, furnace, or heat pump into your heating system.
  5. Fuel Storage and Removal: If you have an existing oil storage tank, the contractor will coordinate the removal or decommissioning of the tank according to local regulations. They will ensure proper disposal of any remaining oil and clean the tank to meet safety standards.
  6. System Testing and Commissioning: After the installation, the contractor will thoroughly test the new gas heating system to ensure proper functionality and efficiency. They will check for gas leaks, calibrate controls, and verify that the system is operating correctly. This step may involve running performance tests and making necessary adjustments.
  7. Permits and Inspections: Contractors will assist in obtaining any necessary permits and scheduling inspections required by local authorities. They will ensure that the conversion process complies with building and safety codes.
  8. Follow-up Maintenance and Support: Once the conversion is complete, contractors often offer ongoing maintenance services to keep your new gas-fired equipment running smoothly. This may include routine inspections, cleaning, filter replacement, and addressing any maintenance issues that may arise.

It’s important to work with experienced and licensed contractors like Seaford Ave Plumbing who specializes in oil to gas conversions. They will have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to handle the process efficiently and ensure compliance with all applicable regulations. Be sure to gather multiple quotes, review their credentials, and ask for references before selecting a contractor for the oil to gas conversion service.

Oil to Gas for Your Home or Building

Oil-to-gas conversions can benefit any of your properties – from money saving to more efficient system functions, we are eager to help you find out more about the potential benefits of oil to gas conversions. Let Seaford Ave Plumbing take an honest look at your home or building to see if an oil-to-gas conversion is right for you.  Contact us now to see if an oil to gas conversion is right for your home or building.

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